New version 1.1.6!
jwmamenu is a free open source utility that automagically creates menus for jwm, an excellent X window manager.

Here is a screen shot of how such a menu may look like
jwmamenu screen shot

jwm does have built-in menu capabilities. Unfortunately, though, those menus must be created manually in jwm's .jwmrc config file. While some users (and potential users!) find this generally cumbersome it is also unwieldy when installing new applications.

That's where jwmamenu enters the scene. jwmamenu automagically creates complete jwm menus based on looking at, analyzing, and working on xdg information provided by most applications. Being badass fast jwmamenu can be included as a dynamic item in .jwmrc (example is in the docu) providing the user with an always up to date menu. In case you install a new application, simply have jwm restart (which takes ~ 1 second) to find the new application right away in the manu.

While efforts were undertaken to keep jwmamenu small, resource friendly and fast (i.e. in line with jwm philosophy) it is actually quite capable and knows some tricks such as associating the proper icons with a menu entry.

Of course, jwmamenu does not interfere with any "hard wired" menu entries you might have made but rather complements them and nicely fits in, either in the root menu or in some sub menu like "Applications".

You can download the program along with some text documentation here .

jwmamenu is written in standard Python, should run with any Python > 2.5 standard installation and needs no extras or dependencies.

Hint: As most of the action is actually not about creating menus, jwmamenu is easily adaptable to other wms, too, particularly those using some kind of xml notation for their menus (like openbox).